Elvis' 10 (or so) Favorite Releases of 1994

In a few days 94 (actually it's been 95' for about two months now, we're just really slow) will be over and it will be time for 95, so I thought I would give you a list of my favorite music releases I bought this year (In no particular order, except Sparkmarker).

Sparkmarker-Products & Accessories/Atomos & Scallen 7 inches
Bad Religion-Stranger Than Fiction
Zumpano-Wraparound Shades 7 inch
Punk U.S.A.-Compilation
The Mahones-Draggin' the Days
Rancid-Lets Go
Big Pants Waste Precious Fabric-No Idea #11 Compilation CD
Propagandi-How To Clean Everything
Nirvana-Live! Tonight! Sold-Out! Video

Rodney On The Choppin' Block

Here's a list of my 10 favorite songs, albums, videos, zines, etc. this month. These are not just songs that have been released recently, but any song that I have been listening to a lot this last month or so. They are also probably songs that that pumpkin-headed freak Rodney Bingenhimer wouldn't like, hence the title. Well actually I'm not sure if he would like them or not, but it does make a cool title, doesn't it!

1. Sparkmarker "Tamarack"
2. Poison Idea "Feel the Darkness"
3. Neurosis "Everything"
4. Pogues "The Body Of An American"
5. Screeching Weasel "My Brain Hurts L.P."
6. Volare #3 Zine
7. Gus "1st 7" & C.D."
8. Melvins "Bootleg Videos"
9. Nirvana "Live, Tonight, Sold Out! Video"
10. Stovebolt " Cipher "
11. Curtis Mayfield "Superfly"
12. GodHeadSilo, Acid King & Melvins "Live"
13. Suburbia (Where's The War?)


SPARKMARKER "Products and Accessories" 4x7inch
FITZ OF DEPRESSION "Let's give it a twist" LP
SLUDGE "Coquitlam" CD
NEW BOMB TURKS "Information Highway Revisted" LP
B.N.U. "Under the Big Top" CD
JAWBREAKER "24 Hour Revenge Therapy" LP
PROPAGANDHI / I-SPY split 10 inch
STOVEBOLT S/T cassette
PUNK u.s.a. Compilation LP
SCREECHING WEASEL "How to Make Enemies..." LP
UNDERTOW "At Both Ends" LP