This interview took place during soundcheck at the York in a cool little room behind the balcony prior to a Gob/Sparkmarker/Cub concert.

Elvis: First of all please state your name and what you play and why you play it.
Rob: I'm Rob, I play drums and I started to play them because I would always play to Kiss and Iron Maiden on my stomach and my legs and stuff. I just knew from there that I was a drummer. Jason: I'm Jason I play bass and I play bass for the money and the power.
Jordan: I'm Jordan, I play guitar and I play because of Motley Crue!
Kim: I'm Kim, I play guitar and I started playing guitar out of sheer boredom and I just wanted to do something. Buttercup: Vocals now too (Kim replaced Ryan on vocals, who was Sparkmarker's original vocalist and an all-around groovy guy). Kim: Ya, screaming.
Elvis: Uh... (interrupted by loud pounding noise from the concert room). What is that ?!?
Rob: (Drumming motion) Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh!
Elvis: I'm waiting for a song to start!
Buttercup: Sounds like Slayer!
Elvis: (To Kim) You know Cory Yuzak (guitarist from Sludge)? You did an article with him for Maximum Rock 'n' Roll didn't you?
Kim: Ya.
Buttercup: You also started Final Notice (Kim's record label) with Cory.
Kim: The first record on Final Notice was with Cory Yuzak. Fratricide and MOC, then he went off to do Kill-tel and did a 7".
Buttercup: That was with the guy from Superconductor.
Kim: Ya, I think it was.
Elvis: Shean from Superconductor.
Kim: I don't know if he did that record with Shean, but then Shean did a record with... I can't remember the name, but it was a local band. But initially that's how Final Notice began.
Buttercup: Why did you guys start and then stop?
Kim: I think that there was a bunch of us that were supposed to do it, but me and Cory were the only ones who had the money. Shean and my friend Mike and Cory and I were like, "Hey wouldn't it be cool to but a record out!" and we loved those bands. Our favorite bands were Fratricide and MOC. Wouldn't be cool to put something out by those guys. They were just our total idols. So we asked the guys in Fratricide and MOC and they said sure. (Excited voice) Whoa! They said yes! Let's do it!!! So we just went for it and asked the guys in the bands how to do it and they help