This Sucks!

by Elvis McCheese

This zine kicks butt and rocks more than Twisted Sister on a bad acid trip. Besides Awesome articles and reviews, Gee-zuz has the best artwork of any zine in the known world. Just got issue #16, Atom Smasher tour diary was really cool. You must read this zine.
$1.00 from:
297-810 W. Broadway, Vancouver BC, Canada, V5Z-4C9

Should be called "Cub Butt-Kissers". These idiots worship Lisa Marr like a god. Horrible reviews, and even worse interviews. Issue #4 had a NOFX interview. Even though I really like NOFX, the interview was one of the most boring, poorly written interviews I have read in months! And of course issue #4 had a feature on Cub. Avoid this zine at all costs! It does burn well, though.
(not worth) $2.00 from:
Who cares.

This is done by Terminal City/Club Grotesque punk god Jason Schreurs. He finally got his shit together and put issue one out. Included here are interviews with Winnipeg's emo-anarchist-punksters Propagandhi (who by the way could kick the tar out of NOFX in a cage match) and local trash punks Sourpuss, a gig diary, reviews and a list of extremely high ad prices. All in all a good, punk read.
$1.00 from:
7110 Westminster st. Powell River B.C. V8A 1C6

Trea, who writes this, does seem like a really nice and sincere person, but (and this is a big but!) she likes the Smashing Pumpkins and Hole!?! The poetry/artsy thing isn't really something that appeals to me. If you are into that sort of things then you will probably enjoy this and it is free, so you can't go wrong.
Send postage and a letter (she is really dying for letters):
Trea 2330/a Clark St, Port Moody B.C., V34 1Y8


* By: Princess Buttercup (Yes, I am a man)
# By: Elvis McCheese (Yes, I am a tree sloth)

*Acid King- s/t 10"
(Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Produced by the man himself, Dale Crover, who happens to be married to the lead guitarist/screamer of this band. Dale also contributes some vocals. Acid King sounds like a cross between the Melvins back when they were the best band in the whole freakin' world (Bullhead and before), with the lead singer from L7 fronting the band instead of Buzz. 4 songs that grind and lurch their way over anything that gets in the way.

*NoFX- We Ain't S***/Drugs Are Good 12"
Colored vinyl and a spiffy cover. Nothing surprising or ground breaking here folks, but still essential for about 90% of the punk population. A bit over priced, though.

*The Riverdales- s/t LP
This is basically Screeching Weasel with a different name and a lot more of a Ramones influence. Although Head could kick their butt (and I'm sure Ben Weasel would even admit it) this is still pretty good, but nothing spectacular. Too bad Weasel broke up.

*Teenage Kicks- Compilation 10"
This is good, not as good as Punk U.S.A., but still very good mind you. Features new tracks by 88 Fingers Louie, Propagandi, Squirtgun, The Vindictives, The Bollweevils, Rhythm Collision and others. A fairly solid and well put together compilation. The first 300 copies came with a bonus 7", but their probably all gone by now (Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! I have something you don't).

*MxPx- Pokinatcha CD
(Tooth & Nail)
21 punk rawk classics and almost all of them kick butt! It is really hard to compare this band to other ones because they combine little bits from several bands. I guess their music kinda makes them sound like they should be on Fat Wreck Chords, which they would probably love because they are big NOFX fans.

*Cub- Beti-Cola CD
Haven't heard it yet, but I already know what it is going to sound like. Too bad Sparkmarker is playing with them at the end of January. I'm going to have to actually pay money to see Cub. I'll probably leave before they come on, unless I can find something cool to throw at them.

*Zumpano- Wraparound Shades/Orange Air 7"
(Sub Pop/Scratch)
All of my friends hate this 7". I don't care what they think about it, I love it! It rocks in a Beatles sort of way. These guys are gonna be big, which sucks because it means I'll have to pay $20 or more to see them live. Oh well, at least I got a chance to see them live a few months ago with Nimrod at the Anza. They are awesome live, see them now well it's cheap! Did I mention the lead singer is also the lead singer from Superconductor and he also works at Scratch records, is that a cool coincidence or what?

*Sick Of It All- Scratch The Surface LP
(Equal Vision)
I love it when majors labels allow their bands to release the vinyl versions of their records on indie labels! This is a very good album. The only other album of their's I currently have is the first one: Blood, Sweat and No Tears. So I don't know how this compares to their other releases. But compared to the first on its a nice progression. The stand out track on hear is "Step Down", which is worth the price of the album alone. It's 1995 and New York Hardcore is alive and well.

*The Queers- Surf Goddess 7"
Features former members of Screeching Weasel. Like Weasel but slower. Four songs that will rock your world.

*The Queers- Move Back Home LP
Their fourth album and their still kicking it, although in a more Beach Boys/Surf sort of way on this one than their earlier stuff. Pop-punk at its best.

*Screeching Weasel- How To Make Enemies and Irritate People LP
Another fine release from Ben Weasel and Co. 12 songs of fun, catchy, pop-punk from the pop-punk gods. This time Ben has enlisted the help of new teen-idol Mike Dirt of Green Day (WOW!). This LP is much improved over "Anthem..." so if you had lost faith, get ready to have it reaffirmed.

#The Mahones- Draggin' the Days CD
This rocks, not in a punk way, but in a Celtic sort of way. All the songs are really, really fast, except for "Back Home" and "Cragataska", which are way to slow and boring, skip past them. "A Drunken Night in Dublin", "Rose and Crown", "Across The U.S.A." are all incredibly groovy. It's not punk, but you should still buy it anyway!

*Man Dingo - ifive LP
(Dr. Strange) This is great! Upbeat melodic punk-rock in a BOLLWEEVILS vein, then again they are both on Dr. Strange. It's rare these days that I get a record where the singer - get this - actually sings, and does it quite well. I also would say a lot of the songs sound like a sped up SHINER. A definite companion for those long bus trips.

#Focused - Bow CD
(Tooth & Nail)
Friends of Undertow that, big surprise, also do sXe hardcore. Even though Princess Buttercup won't agree with me, I think there better than Undertow (don't get me wrong, I also think Undertow rules also). Just so you know, the CD has 65 bonus tracks. You might have trouble finding this one, but if you do it will be worth it.

*Pegboy - Earwig LP
Amazingly this is the first Pegboy album I've owned, where the heck have I been? Earwig is a wonderful record of catchy punk rock. Not much else to say except buy this record (you won't regret it). Their cover of Mission of Burma's "Revolver" is really great.

#Slayer - Divine Intervention CD
(Def American) The first song rocks, and everything else is boring, repetitive, over-produced, crappy and all around unwholesome. What happened? Remember when they use to kick butt!

*Undertow - At Both Ends LP
Finally out! This is freakin' hardcore. sXe from Seattle (not grunge dangit!!) Contains two tracks from the stalemate E.P. which have been re-recorded for our listening pleasure. Anyway, this is awesome stuff and it comes on cool blue vinyl! It's too bad they broke up, why couldn't it have been STRAIN instead.