More Punk Then The Province

By Elvis McCheese

It seems every one is so concerned these days with being more punk then the next guy (which is kinda stupid if you ask me. If you were truly punk you would do what ever you wanted to do and you wouldn't care what others were doing). It seems the other day that piece of crap we call a daily newspaper, the Province (which, by the way, is almost as big of a piece of crap as the Sun) tried to be punk. They published an article entitled "Our Complete Music Guide For the Tragically Unhip". Now these idiots for some reason thought that not only did they know something about punk, but, in fact they knew so much about punk that they could offer a guide to it. Not only did they only mention bands on Epitaph when referring to punk (don't get me wrong, I like most of the bands on Epitaph, i just think there is more to punk than just one label), but, the info on Epitaph was quite often wrong. According to the Province Epitaph is "Californa's most happening new label". I could be wrong (even though I doubt it), but hasn't Epitaph been around for several years? Also they label Rancid as "new wave of punk". Even though I don't exactly know what the "new wave of punk" is, I know one thing for sure, Rancid's style of punk is definitely not a new style.