Howdy and welcome to the third issue of corporatedethburger. If you got the last issue you'll notice that there was only a month or so between these two issues. Pretty impressive, huh? I'm now publishing at somewhat of a regular schedule. It's been a pretty good month for me, lots and lots of cool bands have come to town in the last few weeks. Most of these bands I actually even managed to interview and you'll find these interviews in this issue. My official assistant this issue was none other then the legendary Captain Haircut! Ms. Angie has been in Finland for the last while but will be back real soon, so expect to see some more contributions from her soon, hopefully Captain Haircut will stay on board too. I'm trying to convince him to do some interviews with some pro skaters that he'll be hanging out with in September. Anyway, I got a lot of positive response regarding the last issue, especially the stuff that dealt with religion and punk. Below are a couple letters I received about this topic.
James Wilson

Just read your web page thing. I was laughing pretty hard when I saw the corporatedethburger vs. Schtufff thing. Cool! Um, your response was well thought out and well written. Can't say that I agree with everything there but you did make some valid points. Thanks for your support in the youth centre matter, it really means a lot to me, a lot of the Christians there that night supported our right to be there as well. That gives me some hope. Yes, I would allow Christians to set up a booth at one of my shows as long as their information was researched, documented and not sexist/racist/ homophobic. Everyone should have a right to be heard and a right to speak, with the understanding that what they were to say would be challenged and critiqued, as we did when we set up our booth. Thanks again for the feedback and please send me a print version if you haven't already. Talk to you soon.
Love: Jason Schtufff

To: corporatedethburgerites
Thank you for making your last issue, I found it in Victoria and was attracted by the Danielson interview on the cover. Then I started to read it page by page and discover a very good little zine. My favorite part is the Art Crap and of course the record reviews. I have enclosed a copy of my latest release (look for a review in the next issue - ed.), I hope you like it (sounds pretty interesting so far - ed.). I work in a museum and I am very interested in the discarded and unwanted things of our culture. I am writing this letter at work on an old obsolete typewriter and I am hoping it will hold together until the end of the letter. The tracks on the CD are very much influenced by my interest: they are made up of homemade recordings found in thrift stores and recycling depots or from instriments and sound sources that have been discarded and found in these thrift stores. Primitive electronics and lots of toy intriments are also used, which symbolize the past too. Anyways, I really wanted to compliment you on your spiritual outlook in yur writings. It is handled very well and is quite frankly refreshing. I have been wrestling with spirituality for quite some time and your comments on faith vs. religion are spot on. Currently I am studying Soren Kierrkegaard's writings and coming to great revelations about faith. I have never belonged to a Christian community and although I have visited many different churches I have never believed that religion (organized) could ever do God justice. I know now that God and our relationship to him must stem from within ourselves, and cannot be found in ritual. Oh dear, I have started ranting and philosophizing… sorry. This is much too heavy to get into at work. Anyways, I just wanted to say keep up the good work… please keep me up to date on any new developments as I am very interested in seeing (and reading) more!
-Individual #6079
PO Box 444, Qualicum Beach, BC, V9K 1S9

I'm glad that you enjoyed the last issue. My advice to anyone who is looking into spirituality and Christianity is to take the time to read the Bible (especially the New Testament). This way you get to hear directly from God and make up your own mind, instead of being influenced and persuaded by other people. When it comes down to it, the decision to follow Christ is one that must be made on your own. I know too many people who have been cohered into Christianity by others and then quickly fallen away because the faith was not their own. Your right about organized religion not being able to do God justice. It's like trying to describe a really good song to someone instead of actually letting them hear it. I've always believed that the main purpose of going to church is to spend time with fellow believers and discuss spirituality. You can learn a lot more from fellow believers usually then you can from any preacher. But do keep in mind that it's essential to actually read and understand the Bible, since all humans are prone to error. Never believe what someone tells you without first verifying it, this goes for everything in life.

If you want a copy of the first issue (interviews with Sparkmarker and Superconductor and a Sparkmarker live tape), the second issue (interviews with Modest Mouse, MxPx, Five Iron Frenzy, Danielson, Klank, stuff on religion vs. punk and a 60-minute tape of punk bands doing other bands songs) or a copy of this issue (which comes with some corporatedethburger computer screen wallpaper and another 60-minute compilation tape) then send $4 per issue or 4 stamps if you just want the issue and no tape.

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