Well boys and girls its time for another trip down memory lane. Today your uncle Elvis is going to tell you a story about the best punk show he ever went to. So shut up and sit down or I'll break all of your 7 inches, ya little pukes! It all started one fine Saturday Evening last January, I still remember it like it was yesterday. Now back in the old days the New York Theater was owned by some pretty cool people, and at least once a month they would let local punk bands play for cheap (I think it was $6 to get in). Myself and the Princess Buttercup and our good friend Ratboy decided to spend the evening listening to some live punk rawk. We could have not picked a better night! Not one, not even two, but three, yes three, of your uncle Elvis' favorite bands were playing. We showed up at the York and met two of are other friends, Fan and Fro-boy. Tonight was looking good, rawkin' bands and good friends, how could you ask for anything more! Well we got inside of the performance area just in time to catch the opening band, Hugo. Too bad they broke up, because this is one band that truly believed in giving an audience 100%. Another time, when they were headlining at the York, they played for something like three hours! Anyway, Hugo kicked butt! Next up was Pluto. This was the only band that was playing that I didn't like and I was not looking forward to the next hour or so. But believe it or not they did something that had me screaming for more. What was this, you may ask? What was this one incredible thing that even brought joy to Elvis McCheese? They did a spectacular cover of "Just What I Needed" by the Cars. I was amazed, I was impressed, I was bored to death by the end of the second song. So me and my friends wandered for a bit. When we came back it was time for the most amazing, the most incredible, the most truly unique band the Vancouver scene has to offer. The one and only Superconductor. One mighty drummer (Keith you rule!), two kick-butt bassists, and more guitarists than you can shake a stick at. They rocked, they rolled, they had a light up cigarette billboard, they had smoke machines, they had Keith Perry! But none of these even came close to their greatest on stage achievement. Something they will never equal. A perfect, precise, and very loud cover of Bricklebrit, written by the greatest man to ever play dirge rock, the mighty Joe Preston ("Buzz Osbourne sucks, Joe Preston rules", in the words of the mighty Wozzle)! There was only one thing that could top this, SPARK-Freakin'-MARKER!!! That's right kiddies, the greatest band to ever come out of Vancouver! Don't deny it, you know its true! I have seen the mighty Marker on many an occasion, but, let me tell you, this is the best set I have ever seen Rob, Kim, and company pull off. Sparkmarker, what a way to end the perfect evening!