Awhile ago I decided to do an article on weird tour stories after reading the book "Hell On Wheels" (buy it if you can find it, it's great!), which is a book about, you guessed it, weird tour stories. Anyway most of the bands I contacted never responded, so the article never happened. But Sal from Electric Frankenstein was kind enough to respond, so I thought I'd include his story in this section.


By Sal From Electric Frankenstein

Once, last year, we were on tour with ADZ of California, here on the east coast, and as we were on our way to Baltimore to play, a jeep driving in front of us was hit by a mack truck and flipped over and was smashed to bits. We pulled over and me and Tony (ADZ singer) went under the wreckage to see if the girl driving the car was alive. She was hanging upside down and knocked out. Blood was everywhere and she had her face smashed and all her front teeth out. She was choking on her blood, breathing it in. The car started to smoke, getting ready to blow up, and I quickly crawled around her as Tony held her still. I went around her and shut off the engine (which was still going and the radio was playing country music really really loud - very surreal). Next we had to figure out how to revive her without moving her and touching any of her blood. Since I knew Chinese martial arts, I went around to her legs and pressed some pressure points and then rubbed her leg muscles. This made her come to and she spit up all the blood she was breathing in. Then I had to whisper to her what had happened so she wouldn't move, as she was trying to get out, but she was hanging upside down and would have gotten hurt worse. She calmed down and waited. It was a whole half an hour before help arrived, a doctor came driving along the grass and he cleared her mouth and checked her vital signs, and tried to stop the bleeding. Her face was smashed pretty bad on one side. A highway patrol person came soon after, and i explained what happened to them and we left to go to the show. Needless to say, me and Tony were pretty spooked for our band's shows and it was hard to actually play with enthusiasm after that.