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Introductions, Jawbreaker and Jesus

Howdy and welcome to my second issue, as I type this I'm listening to Twenty Four Hour Revenge Therapy by Jawbreaker, just so you know. Anyway if I get this issue done on time and your reading it during the summer of 1998, then it means I've taken quite a big step as far as corpartedethburger goes. It will mean I have gone from publishing an issue once every four years to publishing an issue annually, pretty exciting isn't it! Also another big step is that I've decided that I want this zine to be more representational of me as a person, which means I have to start including a section of my life that is very important to me, actually probably the most important area of my life, but before I let you in on this I should probably go into a bit of a diatribe to explain where I'm coming form, since I've found this to be a pretty touchy subject for most in the punk community. I think most folks who identify themselves as punk, be it straightedge, emo, crusty, political, whatever, all agree that stereotyping is a bad thing and that each person should be judged as a separate individual. Yet I've found punx to quite often be some of the most closed minded people I've met. So anyway back to my shocking revelation, guess what folks? I'm a Christian! And contrary to popular belief I donŐt blow up abortion clinics, hate gay people or think I'm any better than the rest of you. I also probably have just as much disdain for the religious right and televangilists as you do. Hopefully your open-minded enough that your still reading this. I think the only people that tend to fear the ideas and opinions of others are those that are so insecure in their own beliefs that they fear that listening to others will cause them to realize how messed up their lives are. So lets get a few things straight. When it comes to Christianity there are two things you have to look at, these being religion and faith. Religion is a man made thing, a set of rules and dogma largely devised by humans who are just as prone to mistakes as the rest of us. Religion can quite often have very little to do with Jesus or God. Faith is a whole different matter. Faith is about a relationship between just you and God. Faith is about looking out the window, seeing an incredible sunset and knowing that there is no way that it could be the result of a random collision of meteorites. Faith is knowing that God loves you and that he loves everyone else just as much and therefore would not want you to show anything except love to others. Along the way some Christians lose track of things like this and become very corrupt or intolerant. Unfortunately its because of the actions of these individuals that the rest of us Christians seem to be looked at so negatively. Please look at me as an individual, just as you'd expect others to look at you.

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