Dang, it seems like I'm adding a new column or two every issue. Soon this zine might even look like a respectable publication. Anyway, this section is dedicated to zines, which, I guess, makes a lot of sense considering the publication it appears within also happens to be, surprise, a zine. If you do a zine please send me a copy and I'll review it. Heck, if I like it I'll probably even send you a copy of corporatedethburger. But guess what? If I take the time to review your publication, then please be courteous and return the favor. I recently did the Vancouver Zine Convention at the Sugar Refinery on Granville Street. Imagine a small café packed full of zine people like myself. It's a pretty scary thought isn't it? Fortunatly the general public didn't feel this way and the place was pretty full. Though not many folks were willing to buy zines, they were willing to pick them up, flip through them fairly quickly, look at you oddly, and then walk away. Despite not being a financial success for most of us involved it was still a lot of fun and I managed to talk to a lot of interesting folks and trade copies of corporatedethburger for their publications. This reviews section is mainly filled with the efforts of those who participated in the zine fair. Just a quick note, even if a zine is free, at least send the publisher a few stamps for postage. Believe it or not most of us zine people, like the rest of society, have to pay for postage.

EXLIFE #3 (boy@vcn.bc.ca, www.geocities.com/SoHo/Studios/2962) Free
A very interesting personal zine put out by a straightedge design student. The layout in this is very chaotic, yet I feel it adds to the feel of the zine. My only complaint is that the live pictures of bands that are included do not say which bands they are. I guess though if you don't recognize the band then you probably wouldn't be interested in looking at the picture of them anyway.

HOLIDAY IN THE SUN #1 (10 Trellanock Ave., Toronto, ON., M1C 5B5) $1
This is put out by a guy named Jim Munroe who just landed a publishing deal with HarperCollins for a book he's doing and boy is he excited. Most of the zine is about this or about other observations of Mr. Monroe. This is mainly a zine about personal observations and features some good articles on mainstream culture and DIY publishing.

RALPH #49 (Box 505, 1288 Broughton St., Vancouver, B.C., V6G 2B5) Free
This is a monthly 'zine that covers coffee, jazz & poetry as the cover says. It also seems to feature a bit of punk, ska and pop but mainly consists of poetry, jazz record reviews and stuff about it's writer, Ralph Alfonso. Page lengths seems to be from 4 to 8 pages per issue, but it's free so who's complaining. An ok read if you're a punker, an essential read if you like jazz or poetry.

SCREAMING AT A WALL #1 (1637 West 62nd Ave., Vancouver, B.C., V6P 2G1) Free
This is mainly written by a high school student named Mark Palm and also includes submissions by some of his friends. This reminds me of my high school zine efforts. Includes an interview with Wisecrack, show reviews and pictures, personal oppinion articles, and reviews. A pretty good read and as stated many times in this section, you can't go wrong because it's free.

TRASHMAVEN #1 (Box 60069, Fraser Postal Outlet, Vancouver, B.C., V3W 4B5) Free
This is an eight page zine done by Jenn from JP5. It consists of an article about the New Bomb Turks, write ups on people who have died and some record reviews. A pretty enjoyable read and, hey, it is free so you can't go wrong. And if that's not enough you also get a free JP5 sticker.

VEGGIE BURGER (Sugar Refinery, Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C.) $6
Okay, so this isn't a zine, but it was a very enjoyable part of my day at the Zine Convention. Even writing about it right now is making me hungry. They make the patty themselves out of sunflower seeds and a bunch of other tasty non-dairy ingrediants. It comes with a salad and baked-potato. For $6 it may be a bit pricey for Granville Street cuisine, but man was I stuffed after eating this. One of the best veggie burgers I do believe I've ever had the pleasure of eating.