This is a column that I do for a youth group newsletter at my church.



Howdy Kids and welcome to my column, where I will attempt to answer your questions (just try not to ask anything to serious). Please send me your questions at,put them in my box at church or hand them to me. As I type this I'm listening to the excellent Christian punk rawk stylings of Langley's very own Target and if everything goes to plan I'll be able to convince Uncle Russ to let them play Son Bash and you all can experience the wonders of Target. Anyway, on to your questions...

What is the meaning of life?
While according to the box, "How will you end up after trying your hand at the game Of Life by Milton Bradley? Life is full of surprises and there are fresh surprises for you and all the family every time you play this, exciting, skillful and thoroughly competitive game."

Can you ask God if there's aliens?
I would, but I'm scared the government would track me down and kill me because they get really upset when they think you know what they're up to with the aliens (underground testing facilities in the desert and that sort of thing.)

How many times does the word God appear in the Bible?